Spotlight, Charles C. King

Charles C. King is a valuable member of our organization and represents a vital part of our structure. With his extensive experience and business and economy matters, Charles has managed to become one of the most important business advisors in Portland. He is one of the reasons why so many people attend our seminars and workshops. Peter is specialized in millennials and their impact on our society and business. Considering that millennials will take over the business market in a couple of years, Peter explores their potential and effects they have on the business market.

Having in mind the recession and economy crisis, millennials are under high pressure. The job market in the U.S. is highly competitive, so they don’t tend to waste their hard – earned money. Based on some research, only 27% of new cars were sold to millennials because they choose the services of Uber or Airbnb in order to save money. The same situation is in other manufacturing sectors. Millennials rarely take mortgages, and only 9% is approved for their first mortgage. The big food production chains are hurting because millennials are health conscious.

Charles C. KingThis phenomenon of millennials in the workforce is especially appealing to Charles C. King. He wants to explore their role in our society and discover ways how they can be an excellent contribution to our state’s economy. He discovered so far that millennials like to work in pair and avoid companies that have cubicle system. This is one of the reasons why many businesses changed their setting and provided millennials more flexible working environment. This practice brought them productivity and profit because Millennials like to stay connected rather than isolated in the cubicles.

Every month, Charles C. King organizes workshops and seminars because he wants to interact with young people and help them start their businesses and companies. In a few years, millennials will be the massive mega force which will move our economy, and we need to prepare them for that position. In these training, young entrepreneurs will learn how to develop their business and improve the local economy.

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