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In times where honesty and truth are overrated, Ohio State Bar Foundation stands proudly in promoting top values and pursuits the justice. The primary goal of this organization is to help the public understand the law better and abide by it. They have one of the best lawyers, and the members of their association are exertional experts, who every day demonstrate dedication to highest ideals of this profession. Ohio State Bar Foundation wants to create a better judicial system and with interaction with ordinary people, improve the understanding of the law.

Ohio State Bar FoundationIf you are interested in their pursuit of justice, you can apply for their volunteering program. The favorite activities applicants choose are middle school programs which prevent sexting and cyber bullying, help young adults understand the law and how it changes when they turn 18 or serve as a judge at moot court. The great thing about this organization is that they promote women in the law profession. You can mentor high school student and explain to them how the law works and what are the consequences if you dare to break it. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities where you can use your knowledge. Even though this is a volunteering program, it can lead you to have a successful career in law and create you many beneficial opportunities to start your own practice.

On the other hand, if you want to become a fellow member of the Foundation, an attorney who is dedicated to promoting legal values and devoting his time and talent to build a better justice system, through community service and acquiring monetary donations, then you need to fulfill some of the conditions. Fellow members have to be nominated, but this organization accepts self-nominations as well. The due date is December 15th, and membership committee reviews and approves all applications. The Board of Trustees brings the final decision.

If you have been nominated, then you should accept the nomination, fill out your bio and press release, as well as RSVS through orientation and induction ceremony form.

Ohio State Bar Foundation

Ohio State Bar Foundation is different from other organizations because the donations they receive are only used to create a better justice system and to promote the pursuit of justice. They believe that democracy works better once you understand the basics of the law and all individuals should have a fair and equal access to justice.

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