Nonprofit Exhibitor Reservation – Book Your Place On Time

If you are interested in promoting your services and products with us, please be advised that our exhibition will be held on November 11, 12 and 13, 2017. Before acquiring all necessary paperwork, please be mindful of the deadline. In cases, you miss the deadline, and you fail to register for the exhibition on time, this situation may lead you to experience higher costs and opportunities. Our price list only applies to participants who booked their place within designated time. Considering logo and description, please get these as soon as you sign in. The sooner we have all necessary details, the more opportunity we have to promote your brand and services.

Exhibitor ReservationThis exhibition tends to bring people from different age groups and various business fields. You aren’t only promoting your company, but you are also networking throughout an entire event. This event will help you meet new people who are in the same business as you. We invite you to attend our annual exhibition, which will open you new possibilities and help you create new business chances with entrepreneurs from all over the country. Considering that we are a non – profit organization, we provide lover fees, but also excellent conditions.

Once applying, you need to provide a 50-word description for exhibitor guide. Please be informed that if your description exceeds this length, our team will have to correct it and adjust it. You are required to provide your exhibitors logo in color, for the exhibition guide, a file printed in a jpeg or eps file. Logo for the website, 200px wide, 70kb max, jpeg files are only accepted. If your logo doesn’t fit these requirements, our team will not resize it, but it will be returned. Exhibition hours start from 11 AM, and it will last until 7 PM, these hours apply to all three days. You are required to come two hours before setting up your booth.

Your exhibit space should have the following setting:

This is a table top event; tables should be 6×30 and come with two chairs. If you want the internet and electrical access, it must be ordered from a hotel. The material you use for exhibition must fit the measurements of the table, pop ups are allowed on the table, but they shouldn’t bother your fellow exhibitors. Pop up on the floor will not be permitted.

The primary goal of this exhibition is to promote small and medium entrepreneurs.

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