• Business Member Spotlight: Kenneth Kahn- Friends of the Vista Bridge

    About Ken: My grandfather told me to stay out of hospitals, stay out of court, and learn to type.  He was right on all counts. I have practiced criminal defense law for over 23 years, representing actually thousands of clients.  … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight- Ryan Hurlbert- Auto Mentors

    About Ryan: Ryan Hurlbert moved to Portland from Bend in 1988 to finish school at Portland State University.  He grew up in Hawaii, lived in Santa Monica, Seattle, Bend, Eugene, and Portland.  He states he has been a lifelong … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight: Simone Brooks

    Simone Brooks is a native of Portland and is the President of Brooks Staffing.  With a background in Marine and Environmental Science, she worked in environmental consulting, with a focus on hazardous materials management prior to her re-joining Brooks … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight: Logan McCune

    The first Member Spotlight of the New Year is with Logan McCune, a Hawaiian native that arrived in Portland three years ago. Mr. McCune is the epitome of a hard worker and has received business awards highlighting his success. With … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight: Chase Morinaka

    After a brief respite we’re pleased to announce the return of the APACC Member Spotlight. Our first new interview is with Oregon native, Mr. Chase Morinaka. Chase is not only an esteemed personal injury and family law practitioner but a … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight: Mardine Mao (Crowne Plaza)

    1. When did you get started in your business? I got started about a year ago in August 2011. 2. How did you get into this business? I was working in accounting and was inspired by the professionalism and the … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight: Peter Sabido (Kolisch Hartwell, P.C.)

    1.    When did you get started in your business? I have been practicing intellectual property law at Kolisch Hartwell, P.C. since August 2003. 2.    How did you get into this business? I was an engineer at Intel Corporation for many … more 

  • Business Member Spotlight, Christine Chin Ryan (Synergy Consulting, Inc.)

    1.    When did you get started in your business?  I started in 1988 and incorporated in 1990 as Synergy Consulting, Inc. 2.    How did you get into this business?  I had always wanted to go into in business for myself.  … more