Annual Meet And Greet

Every year an APACC is organizing an annual meet and greet, where we gather one of the biggest names in the business industry. This is a great opportunity for small business owners to learn something new and to utilize the strategies they have managed to discover. The business market is changing as we speak, so it’s essential to be up to date and to follow the market’s trends. This is one of the reasons why we started this event because if we want to have a healthy economy, we need to educate the people.


Many individuals are under the impression that they can earn money over the night. This has been the biggest problem for our society, and when people face some difficulties, they tend to give up. Our annual meet and greet has several goals, to educate young entrepreneurs, to help them eliminate mistakes and to connect them with experts who will be able to monitor their progress. Each year, this event changes the locations because we want to provide an equal opportunity to our visitors to attend this gathering. The biggest number of applicants determines an area where meet and greet will be held.

Every year we determine the schedule based on the market’s trends, but one thing stays the same. Our guests are some of the most successful people in the business industry, and they have a special part in our program. They are asked to host seminars, workshops and to present the latest trends. In this way, we want to help small business owner improve their companies and create better business conditions, which will directly influence the local economy.

APACC Event DrinksThe event will last for two days, and everyone is welcome to attend. We will determine the exact date, and the location and details will be published on our website. If you are brave enough to start the new business, then you should be brave enough to accept our business strategies and recommendation. Here you will have a unique opportunity to ask the question, and you will be privileged to talk with people who are accomplished in business.

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