Business Member Spotlight: Logan McCune

Logan Mc CuneThe first Member Spotlight of the New Year is with Logan McCune, a Hawaiian native that arrived in Portland three years ago. Mr. McCune is the epitome of a hard worker and has received business awards highlighting his success. With a keen work ethic and personality to boot, we’re excited for our members to get to know him a little better. We present to you, Logan McCune.

APACC: Logan, could you tell us about yourself, past and present.

LM: Prior to Portland we were in Central America for a year for an overseas job assignment that involved recruiting franchisees for a Colorado-based company. I studied Spanish and Business for my undergraduate degree and am now in an evening MBA program at Willamette University’s Pearl District campus.

When you’re not studying to become a Master of Business, where do you work?

I work at Northwestern Mutual as Director of Recruitment and Selection for our eight offices throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

How long have you worked there?

I have been in this position since March of 2012, prior to which I was a sales manager in the telecommunications industry for five years.

What inspired the change in work?

Human resources was a deep area of interest for quite a while and I finally made the long term move into HR.

How has utilizing that passion helped you create unique services within your line of work?  

Northwestern Mutual is unique in that we take a holistic approach to financial planning with our clients, offering both wealth preservation through insurance products and wealth accumulation through investment products.

This unique approach would not only help clients but really bolster business. Was 2012 a good year?

It was a great year for us, with year-over-year growth in hiring and company performance.

Have your views of the Human Resources industry changed with time?   

I came into the industry with quite a bit of previous exposure to it, [as] my father was in this industry for 30 years.

You must have accrued some worthwhile advice growing up, what seems to guide you the most?

Genuinely striving to always be a resource to others and to leave the “what’s in it for me” mentality behind is the best way to approach any situation.

Self-serving altruism is a slippery slope. Logan, your selfless approach to business is very much appreciated. Did moving to Portland give you any distinct advantages in HR?

In my role it’s the diversity of the Pacific Northwest that most excites me.

The diversity of Portland sincerely helps us connect with each other a different level. How does this affect your work relationships?

Business and anything else for that matter truly is about the level of sincere relationships that you build, and especially maintain and nurture, with others.

As APACC serves to better connect its members, what do you think are the best ways for people to make new connections?  

Going to as many events as possible and never leaving without having met at least three new people that you genuinely connected with.

Logan, can you tell us about business trends in Oregon?

OregonOregon has always been the state of small businesses, and that tradition continues. There have been more than 350,000 business owners in Oregon. The economy is moving along at a healthy pace, and local communities are committed to helping the small business owner make a success on the market. This is one of the biggest achievements local authorities could do in order to improve the financial climate in this state. Company and business owner base their services and manufacturing on a local market, and they support the idea of “buy locally,” in this way, they are boosting up Oregon financial market.

(Laughs) Yes, Ping (APACC President) makes sure of that! Are you excited for any new projects coming up?

Ping Khaw, Mari Watanabe, and I are putting together a cultural competency workshop for May 2013 with an emphasis on APACC. This is exciting!

Mr. McCune, thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with us.


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